The Internet has become a critical part of every small business technology infrastructure. This is especially true if your business has migrated to a full Voice over IP phone system or relying on a cloud based system to manage your day to day operations. If your Internet goes out because the local provider is having a technical problem or there is an in-house technical failure, your phone service, and your ability to access customer data and invoices could be disrupted. This is why the typical household router that you picked up at Best Buy is going to be one of the first things I recommend replacing when evaluating your network. 

The first step in having a backup plan for Internet failure is to have a backup Internet connection. In some cases this can be two separate Internet providers. In Pinellas county this could include having Spectrum and Frontier or Wow simultaneously. With the right router the two connections can be used to optimize connection speed and keep systems running if one connection fails. 

More commonly is to have a backup cellular data plan so that in the few instances where Internet is completely out, you can still have an option that may not be as fast but definitely better than nothing and typically more robust and economical than two full Internet landlines. 

The below equipment is what I recommend to have a Dual-WAN (two Internet connections) and a cellular backup option. Also included is my preference for a WiFi system for your office. The Open Mesh system is designed to not only provide a robust WiFi solution but has built in Firewall and Guest WiFi tools that will allow you to give access to customers and employees without compromising your network security. 

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