The form below will allow you to make a one time payment for an invoice. Once this payment has been successfully completed and the authorization form submitted, the payment information will be saved and used to automatically debit future invoices.

*Please download and sign this form to authorize automatic ACH payments

This ACH Payment Form is a two step process. The first step is to verify that you are authorized to transfer funds from the selected bank account and very fund availability. This process is handled by Plaid who creates the secure and safe way to pass this information along to Stripe. Stripe is the payment processor that stores your banking account information and processes the funds transfer. 

Learn more about Plaid security

Learn more about Stripe security

IT for Small Biz, LLC will not have access to any information except for the last four digits of the bank account that you have submitted. Future invoices would be submitted to Stripe who then processes the payment and transfers the funds accordingly. 

Stripe requires a bank account to be verified before the information can be stored and used for future payment transfers. Plaid is the tool that makes the authorization simple and fast by allowing you to sign directly into your online banking information to quickly prove ownership and permissions. 

Your bank can be manually verified by submitting your routing and account number and waiting for two micro deposits. Once you report the amount of the those two deposits, your banking information can be saved and utilized to automate future payments. 

Yes, please call to setup the saved credit card information and make arrangements to submit the authorization form for recurring payments. Credit card payments do not qualify for the 5% subscription discount. 

One time manual payments without saving your card information is still possible through the PayPal by clicking the link to the Customer Portal at the bottom of every ticket and invoice notification email.